Being Toad (2022)  
We live in an era in which our world views, our focus, and our direction are being tugged in ways we sometimes don't even realize. Our influence can bring others along for a ride. Being Toad embodies this sentiment in layers that are meant to be obscure. My challenge with this was in trying to make an allegorical piece that read more like a lighthearted storybook than a lecture. For me, the piece is a gentle reminder to be ever mindful and think for yourself rather than following blindly.
Stoneware finished with underglaze and dozens of layers of cold finished handmade pigments (mixtures of iron, chrome & black copper oxides, titanium dioxide, mica powders, graphite & raw pastels with a clear matte binder). Sealed with refined beeswax, buffed & polished to a smooth, velvety sheen.  

Details: handcrafted faux suede reins with brass chain, carbon fiber riding crop with wire whip, vintage rusted fishing hook & wire line, brass wire stirrups.
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