"Taste the Rainbow" is the first piece in an upcoming series titled "Eat the Rich" (2023) - porcelain and stoneware, work in progress
While other species live in balance with nature, we humans eat our way through the planet's resources, taking much more than our share. The result affects every species. Rates of extinction are higher now than ever before. The diversity of species will eventually be limited to just those that can survive us, or those that benefit or amuse us. 
I am working on the fine details of this piece, laying on thin washes of color for a vintage scientific illustration look to bring to mind an era when naturalists first brought the importance and beauty of the natural world to the public's attention in such fine detail. 
When I get it as 'perfect' as I possibly can, I'll put it on a place setting of fine china and pour faux oil (black epoxy resin) over it from an elegant gravy boat. My hope is to evoke a heartbreaking feeling of senseless devastation. 
"Why would you destroy something so beautiful?"
Exactly. Why would we?
We are at war with nature. If we win, we're lost.
~ Hubert Reeves
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