The Moment of Being (2023) - stoneware and engobe, work in progress
The moment of a loved one's passing is an inexplicable moment to bear witness to. There is nothing that moment does not contain. It is infinity compressed to a pinpoint. It is every emotion, every memory, every feeling experienced throughout existence, felt all at once, as though combined from all beings throughout time. And it is, at once, the sudden removal of all those things. An echo of vital energy, imploded and exploded.
While there remains no accurate way to put that into words, this piece is an attempt at feeling my way through it. Holding the energy of it in embodied memory. Its title speaks to the glimpse at that precise moment containing our existence and lack of existence, in objective subjectivity... or subjective objectivity... 

Still unfired with ideas for finishes swirling in my head. Nothing could ever appropriately represent this, but I feel compelled to try.
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